Recent sewing projects

A few things I’ve been working on for me and for family.  With my wonderful Janome 7700 and her partner Babylock Jane, I can accomplish so much, easier and in far less time.

This is a quilt I’m working on.  It’s not sewn together yet; still working on the layout.  After a while, I get dizzy from so many options.  I adore this fabric.

in the park quilt

Here’s another one, blocks in progress.  I think I like the yellow centers; looks like blazing suns.  If my son and his wife like these, it will be for them.

New York Beauty blocks

More options with another project.  I love piecing these stars.


This is a little pincushion owl in progress.  She’s a bit saggy, need to add more stuffing.  This was a free Craftsy pattern download.  A plug for Craftsy here.  It is an amazing site with tons of online classes.  The classes are professionally done and videoed with excellent instructors.


So, out to sew.  Will post more pics later.

Update:  Here’s my owl finished.



Soaping glitch

I haven’t made soap for a couple weeks; been working at my “real” job a lot. Today was the day. It’s been windy and cold here. We have a woodstove in the shop where I soap and it wasn’t really warm yet, but I started. Got my lye mixed and cooling, then started to weigh the liquid oils. Hmm, frozen. As frozen as oils can be. I put the bottle on the wood stove, where the fire was sputtering along. And then, the power went out. Very dark in my windowless room. I mixed micas by flashlight till I dropped it and it wouldn’t work. As my oils were melting on the woodstove, my scale timed out. So, quick calculating to figure out how much more oil I needed. Finally, I got enough oil and figured I’d pour the lye over the oils to melt them. No, temp there 64 degrees. Finally realized even if I got the oils to the right temp, no power meant no stick blender :*( Finally, power back, made my soap and I think it may be … pretty. We’ll see. Too much drama.  Cutting tomorrow.

New soap coming

I’ve been asked throughout the past year for my Denali Granite soap in a more “girlie” scent.   After lots of thought and experimenting, I think I’ve  got it, by golly. Scented in Blackberry Sage and with swirls of beautiful red clay and of course those great vanilla bean seeds, here it is.   Just cut, so not ready until February 23. If you like an exfoliating, scrubby type soap that is still gentle and good for your skin, take a look at this one. It will clean grime and grease without being harsh on your hands. The blackberry sage scent is fantastic. Blackberry, but grownup and wonderful.


girlie granite picmonkey

PET plastics and why you want them

I recently have been asked if I recycle my plastic jars. The short answer is no.
The long answer is I don’t take jars back for reuse as I don’t have the capability to sterilize them.
However, I use PET plastic jars because they are recyclable and the consumer can recycle them. Or they make dandy button or penny jars. Another BIG reason I use PET plastic is that they are biologically inert; they won’t leach chemicals into whatever is in them. They also do not contain endocrine disruptors.
Are you yawning there? Here’s a link to info on Pet Plastics if you want to know more.

I don’t own stock in PET, I just think what we put in and on our bodies is important. So I spend the extra to use the safest containers I can find.  And that’s my PET story.

To infinity, and beyond…

I recently have modernized (grudgingly, then happily) my sewing world. My old workhorse machine bit the dust, needing an expensive repair that would not restore it to good working order. So, I now have a space age machine. It may be smarter than I am, but I will conquer. I love sewing and this machine is wonderful. So many features my old machine didn’t have; a thread cutter, push button start/stop, auto threader. Really, who would thunk? Amazing how much they’ve changed in 35 years!
Here’s a picture of of my new machine (white) with one of my Featherweights (black, and about 60 years old). I’ve been sewing on the Featherweights for years. Looks like a toy, doesn’t it?

Featherweight and Janome

Available in time for Christmas

People have asked what I will have ready for Christmas.  I’ll continue to update this page.  Here it is:

Chuli Oatmeal Stout Beer Soap                                                     Denali Granite Soap

picmonkey chuli beer soap 20131001_163617                  picmonkey denali granite 20130805

Talkeetna Sunshine Soap                                                                 Talkeetna Rain Soap

Sunshine Soap                   IMG_4670

Rosemary Lavender Mint Soap                                                       Raspberry Soap (colors vary)  Almost out of these Raspberry Soaps.

More curing witha bit of a different look.

picmonkey rosemary lavenver mint soapIMG_4756                     picm raspeberry soapIMG_4764

Talkeetnagirl Soap                                                                      Lovespell (ish) Soap (also matching body cream)

talkeetnagirl soap 9.16.2013                                    IMG_4783

Raspberry with rose hips and pink clay                               Raspberry with vanilla bean seeds

picmonkey raspberry rose hip clayIMG_4792            picmonkey raspeberry vanilla bean seed soapIMG_4785

Holiday bazaars and new soaps coming

We’ve been busy for the last month doing craft show every weekend.  Lots of fun, meeting great people, finding wonderful handmade crafts, and yes, selling lots of soaps and body creams.  (That means I get to make more!  Woo Hoo!)  If you visit our booth anywhere, make sure you get some free soap samples and try our body creams.  They’re really great and I know you’ll love them.

A couple new soaps curing right now that will be ready early to mid December.

This one is Raspeberry swirled with vanilla bean seeds.  Enriched with luxury oils as always.  Ready December l.

picmonkey raspeberry vanilla bean seed soapIMG_4785

Here’s a Jasmine Lavender Soap.  Love the colors and smells so wonderful.  I guess the Alaska winter is making me think of berries and flowers!  Mid December on this one.

picmonkey jasmine lavender soapIMG_4788

We’ll have a table at Moore’s Hardware Holiday Emporium in Talkeetna starting Wednesday this week.  Upstairs above the State Troopers office.

On December 7 we’ll be at the Talkeetna Elementary PTA Holiday Bazaar in the elementary school.  That’s Bachelor Weekend and The Wilderness Woman contest.  Come up and have some fun!

December 14, we’ll be at the Palmer Senior Center Holiday Bazaar.  Hope we see you there.  Happy Holidays to everyone!